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Projects Underway

In Me and my Horse, Michael likes to do things without the help of others. But when his beloved horse is injured up the hill with no help in sight, he learns that a difficult task can be accomplished when working together as a team rather than as individuals.

In Who Broke Rabbit's Leg, Jason’s pet rabbit has a broken leg because his friend’s mishandling. He lies about the incident to protect his friend from getting in trouble, but at the same time, is angry at her for causing the rabbit’s injury. He learns at the end that telling the truth is the right thing to do and true friendship forgives.

I, Lotus ~ a Memoir of a Chinese Immigrant Daughter is a collection of essays/stories that celebrate my passage as a teenager who, along with my family, came to America with dreams of freedom, looking for love that I perceived my grandmother and mother lacked from their pre-arranged marriages. But the traditions of my culture had roots that reached far beneath my feet to this side of the world. Hope and courage would each become as needed in my struggle as was holding on to the dream.

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